About the Conference

The European Cetacean Society (ECS) convenes once a year in an European country, alternating between southern and northern Europe as much as possible, with invited international authorities, talks and posters. The main conference theme changes every year.

The Society for Marine Mammalogy (SMM) holds biennial international conferences with the goal of enhancing collaboration, sharing ideas, and improving the quality of research on marine mammals within the scientific community.

In December 2019, SMM and ECS will join together for a World Marine Mammal Science Conference that will take place in Barcelona, Spain. The conference will bring together leaders in the field from every continent. The gathering of interdisciplinary experts enables discussion amongst marine mammal scientists and policy makers, enhancing collaboration and training the next generation of scientists and practitioners, and is a key opportunity to foster international partnerships and collaborations.

The conference will attract marine mammal scientists, managers and policy makers from more than 60 countries to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue on the world’s most pressing marine science and conservation issues as they relate to these highly charismatic species.

The World Marine Mammal Conference also encourages all participants to consider their carbon footprint while traveling to Barcelona, and applauds any actions taken to offset that impact.  Our Societies do not endorse any particular plan, and support participants investigating actions that are best for them.  The Centro de Convenciones Internacional de Barcelona (CCIB) was chosen as our conference venue because of its environmental certificate of sustainability. To reduce Conference carbon emissions, we will not be printing the entire program, but will instead offer a small pocket guide, and your welcome package will contain a coffee mug that can be used throughout the conference.

We look forwarding to welcoming you to Barcelona this December!

Conference Hosts

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Conference Venue

Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona
Plaça de Willy Brandt, 11-14, 08019
Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Barcelona is a Mediterranean city with over 2,000 years of rich and vibrant cultural life and a Biosphere World Class Destination certification for its commitment to sustainability.

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