We are very enthusiastic to announce that the Closing Banquet of the World Marine Mammal Conference 2019, will be held on Thursday, December 12th in an exceptional place, the Oval Hall at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) within the Palau Nacional de Montjuic – one of the most spectacular landscapes of Barcelona and a very charismatic building.


The Banquet will begin at 19:00 and is set up as a Cocktail Dinner including cold and warm specialties, four different banquet stations and a world of desserts. This is meant to be a celebration for our senses and a demonstration of the Catalan cuisine; a mouthwatering blend of heritage, high quality products, tradition, creativity, innovation… all of it surrounded by real Mediterranean flavor.


Dinner will be followed by the live performance of a dance band full of energy, soul, funk, R’N’B and pop from the 70’s to today.


A free shuttle service will be provided to facilitate travel from the CCIB to MNAC and from MNAC back to the city center and CCIB.


This unforgettable wrap-up to the World Marine Mammal Conference is offered at $55.00 USD for registered conference participants and $65.00 USD for companions not registered to WMMC19.  You can buy your tickets in advance on the conference registration site. To login and purchase tickets, click HERE.


Space is limited for this event, 800-900 people, so make sure you get your tickets well in advance if you do not want to miss this great closing party.

For more information on the closing banquet or the Barcelona area, please contact our conference team at