Family Information

Policy on the attendance of children at the World Marine Mammal Conference

We understand that some attendees will be traveling with their families to Barcelona. We wish to balance the ability of parents to attend this scientific conference with their ability to periodically visit with and attend to family matters. Thus, the large open foyer of the CCIB will be open for families to visit conference attendees throughout the meeting. This central gathering place opens directly out to a lovely waterfront park, with trails, and sitting and play areas. Children (other than nursing babies, please see below) and family members are kindly requested to otherwise not participate in the scientific meetings of the Conference to prevent any possible distraction to presenters and fellow scientist in the audience.  Please see more detailed information below.

Other Important Information

  1. The WMMC 2019 will be a Baby-friendly Conference and you are welcome to come with your baby. A nursing room (Room M216) will be available Monday-Thursday. This room will be set up for breastfeeding and for parents to be able to stay and rest with their own babies. Please, note that no childcare will be provided.
  2. The Conference can provide your companion/baby sitter a special pass to enter the venue and the nursery room, to give you support with your baby care, but this pass will not allow her/him to any other conference spaces such as those dedicated to oral or poster sessions, exhibitors or plenary sessions, and coffee-breaks. To receive this pass, please contact before your arrival, and provide the name of the companion/baby sitter so that we can have it prepared for you.
  3. If you wish to bring your family to the Opening Icebreaker or the Closing Banquet, you must purchase guest tickets for these events. Children under 12 are permitted in free of charge to these events.
  4. Please also see the policy for Attendance of Minors who are presenting at the WMMC’19 here.

Where can I find baby changing tables at the conference venue?

Below is the locations that changing tables can be found in rest rooms at the conference centre:

  • Escalator B -1 level: common changing room located between male/fem toilets.
  • In the P1 level there isn’t any.
  • M2 level: next to the M221 women toilets.
  • Auditorium: Toilets next to door 5 both male/fem toilets have one.

If you have any questions, please contact