To access the conference system (i.e. to view the status of your abstract, sign up for a workshop or purchase conference merchandise), you will need to sign-in via ECS or SMM.

We have hit our maximum capacity for WMMC’19! As such, conference registration is now closed!

To sign-in, select from one of the options below:

Login for members of the Society for Marine Mammalogy

(active and non-active members)

Login for members of the European Cetacean Society

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Non-members account creation
Non-members sign-in

Non-members will register and sign-in via the SMM website.

This option is intended for attendees that do not plan on becoming a member of either society. 

*All ECS and SMM memberships and conference prices are in USD. Rates for ECS and SMM members are the same.

*Please be sure to use the same account (i.e. SMM member, ECS member or non-member) to submit an abstract and register for the conference. 

* Membership benefits for both societies include access to Marine Mammal Science.


If you have already logged into the conference system as a Non-Member you can still sign-up for membership with either society to receive a reduce ‘Members’ registration fee. Use the same email address to sign up or renew your membership as you did to create your Non-Member profile and the system will automatically update your account information for you once you sign back into the conference system.

If you questions regarding registration, please contact

For general inquiries, please contact