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In December 2019, Society for Marine Mammalogy and European Cetacean Society will join together for a World Marine Mammal Science Conference that will take place in Barcelona, Spain. The conference will bring together leaders in the field from every continent. The gathering of interdisciplinary experts enables discussion amongst marine mammal scientists and policy makers, enhancing collaboration and training the next generation of scientists and practitioners, and is a key opportunity to foster international partnerships and collaborations.

The conference will attract marine mammal scientists, managers and policy makers from more than 60 countries to engage in interdisciplinary dialogue on the world’s most pressing marine science and conservation issues as they relate to these highly charismatic species.

Media Registration Information

Media Passes

The WMMC’19 media committee will grant complimentary media passes to qualified media professionals who wish to attend and cover our conference. If you would like to be a part of our conference, please contact with your eligibility information to be considered for a complimentary media pass to the conference.


Eligibility Requirements

To review press eligibility requirements for registration, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a press room?

To help you report on newsworthy scientific findings presented at the meeting, WMMC’19 conference media committee will be available to provide daily press summaries and connect reporters, press officers, bloggers and others with our special guests and keep members of the media apprised of recent and upcoming noteworthy highlights.


Will press releases or press conferences be made available to the media?

WMMC’19 will make copies of media stories and press releases about developments in marine mammal science and other news presented at the meeting available to members of the media through the conference’s online media section and in person during the conference. We will also post a detailed conference schedule online and upload it to our app at least a week before the meeting’s scientific sessions begin.


Will there be quiet rooms or a designated place for scientists to meet with journalists?

We will coordinate opportunities for members of the media to meet with our special guests and presenters just prior to and during the conference. Check back here for more information about quiet rooms and arranging meetings with our special guests closer to the meeting.


What are the official conference social media channels?

You can find us on Facebook or Instagram. Tags us at @wmmc19. The official conference hashtag is #WMMC19

If you have any media-related questions, please contact