We require volunteers to help with a number of tasks, from little to big, and we appreciate your interest…
…volunteers are essential to making this conference a success.

Accepted volunteers are required to attend an in-person training in Barcelona:

Volunteers helping during the workshops weekend will have to attend a volunteer training on Friday 6th of December at 12:00/17:00 (check your email)

Volunteers helping during the conference will have to attend a volunteer training on Saturday 8th of December at 12:00/17:30 (check your email)

Those volunteers helping with registration will also have to attend a registration training on Friday 6th 15:00 or Sunday 15:00 (check your email)

Thank you very much for your interest in being part of the volunteer program of the World Marine Mammal Conference 2019 in Barcelona, Spain!

Remember that volunteers not in need of registration reimbursement are welcome to contact the volunteer coordinator at any time – Alba Tojeiro at volunteers@wmmconference.org

Incentives for Volunteering

In addition to the warm gooey emotions associated with giving back to your community and a stylish flamboyant volunteer garment, if you are able to volunteer at least 12 hours of your time, you can apply for a volunteer position to receive a reimbursement towards your conference registration costs. Student members will be reimbursed their full conference registration (USD $150), low income country members will be reimbursed their full conference registration (USD $225), and full members will be reimbursed half their conference registration (USD $200). This reimbursement will be paid in Barcelona after completion of your final scheduled shift.

Requirement to Receive Reimbursement

The following are the requirements to receive a registration reimbursement for the conference:

  • In order to register, you must be a current member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy or European Cetacean Society.
  • The registration to the conference must be completed (full-registration) and the conference costs payed in order to apply to a volunteer position.
  • Having a fluent English level is a must (C1 – No certificate needed).
  • Volunteers are required to attend an in-person training in Barcelona (6th of December if you are volunteering during the workshops; 8th of December if not), so be sure to plan your travel to Barcelona accordingly.
  • Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the conference and are required to work a minimum of 12 hours, likely spread over 3-4 shifts. If you wish to contribute additional hours or shifts that would be greatly appreciated; however, additional hours will not be reimbursed.
  • You will be asked to indicate your availability on the application form. If you submitted an abstract, you will be asked your presentation type (oral, poster, video, or unknown). This will enable us to ensure you are not scheduled to volunteer at the same time as your presentation.
  • Volunteers will receive shift assignments at the end of October. If there is a conflict with your presentation, please arrange to trade shifts with another volunteer and notify the volunteer coordinator immediately, volunteers@wmmconference.org. All your shifts must be covered to receive reimbursement.

Volunteers, like all conference delegates, will also be able to purchase any extras (e.g. closing celebration tickets or other conference merchandise) using the same method as other delegates via the normal conference login.

Volunteers not in need of registration reimbursement are welcome to apply or contact the volunteer coordinator at any time.

Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers will wear identifying garments provided by the WMMC during their shifts. Tasks may include assisting with:

  • Poster Session (i.e. set-up and take-down)
  • Room Monitor at plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and awards ceremony
  • Greetings, directions and general information
  • Registration Desk
  • Help Desk
  • Merchandise Sales
  • Welcoming Reception/Closing Celebration
  • Conference Events (e.g. PODs)

How do I Register as a Volunteer?


To be eligible for a volunteer position receiving conference registration reimbursement you must:

  • Be a currently registered member of the Society for Marine Mammalogy or European Cetacean Society.
  • Complete conference registration prior to submitting an application for a volunteer position. Please note early bird registration closes on September 4, 2019.
  • Complete a volunteer application form via the conference software. Click here to login and complete an application. Please contact Alba Tojeiro, Volunteer Coordinator at volunteers@wmmconference.org if you have any questions.
  • The conference Planning Committee and Society Board have the right to refuse a volunteer.

In order to complete the volunteer application, please sign-in via ECS or SMM. Once logged in, you will be redirected to the conference software. The volunteer application is on the profile home page of the conference software.

Click here for instructions on how to login to the conference system.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! If you have any other questions, please contact Alba Tojeiro (Volunteer Coordinator) at volunteers@wmmconference.org.